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Feb. 2010, in Cabo San Lucas

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I started as a beginning photographer in 2005, armed with my Nikon D50. I lived in the rural hills of Switzerland County, Indiana, and nature and country scenes were my main subjects. I planted wild flowers and fruit trees so that I'd have more things to shoot; then came bird feeders set up off the deck. I also created several perennial flower beds so that I'd have more colors and images to collect. Add three outdoor kitties to the mix and I was one inspired and creative girl!

Then came the move to town, and the transition was tough. Seeing beauty in concrete and steel didn't come naturally to me, and I'm still learning. But with my upgrade to the Nikon D300, I continue to click away at all things simple and interesting. I continue to learn by reading magazines, books, and by taking courses through New York Institute of Photography.

I hope you enjoy the images in my collection as much as I've enjoyed taking them.